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Car rental terms and conditions

1-General Conditions

The minimum Age is 24 (check with us for younger drivers) and maximum 80. This condition could change depending on the vehicle rented. In case of young driver (less than 24) you have to add an additional insurance. In adittion an international permit will be necessary for citizens outside the European community. With the contract you have included a main driver and an additional driver for free. This additional driver must appear on the contract. If you need to add a third one that will be charge.

2-Included in contract

Unlimited milage/ Road assistance 24 hours/ National taxes/ Collection and delivery at the airport between 7:00 and 21:00h  (Out of hours is not included)/ Insurance (with excess or full cover).

3-Not included in the insurance

Refuelling error and the costs involved / Extra cleaning (oil stains, tabac, vomits, mud, animal hair..)/ Damages on the wheels, tires an underneath of the car (this can be insured).


Boosterseat or Babyseat, 5€ per day (minimum 25€ maxi 50€) must be prebooked/ Yound driver insurance 25€ Full insurance from 6€ per day (depending type of vehicle price can change)/ Insurance for wheels, tires and underneath of the car, 18 € per rental period/ Young dirver, 25 Euros (mandatory  for drivers less than 24 and with 2 years of experience) driving / Second
driver free 3 or more drivers 25€ per drivers extra, 25 Euros out of hours 21:00 to 7:00 (applied also with delayed flights). Fines management 25€.

5-Use of the vehicle

The renter is agree with the correct mechanic conditions of the vehicle, provided with the necessary documents and  tools and accessories suitable and agrees to keep them in good conditions as well as is committed:

-The vehicle may be driven only by the authorized renter or other persons here indicated and provided that such persons must be at least 24 years old and have a regular driving licence for a minimum of 2 years (this point could change depending of the vehicle rented)

-The renter will use the vehicle according the traffic circulation code.

-The renter remains solely liable for traffic fines, reports an official statement drawn up against himself.

-Do not use it to push or to tow another vehicles.

-Do not drive or permit to drive another person under the influence of alcohol or drugs or drive with illness or fatigue.

-Do not use the vehicle for illegal purpose.

-Do not use the vehicle for races or competitions.

-Do not carrying more passengers than permitted by the licence or paid carriage of such.

-Do not manipulate the odometer. That will be considered fraudulent use, and you must take care of the compensation.

-To park the vehicle adequality in the areas legally enable to do so.

-Do not drive the car outside the country (to Portugal an Gibraltar with extra insurance and must be noticed to carhireGo)

6-Rental payment

The rental price and the deposit it is determined by the current rate. Payment must be done in Euros and will be done at the collection of the vehicle at Málaga airport. You can pay by cash or credit card. In case you pay by credit card carhireGo will take a deposit according to the excess of the vehicle. This deposit will be refunded totally at the delivery of the car if this one is in perfect conditions.


Only the renter or drivers approved by carhireGo are insured. The insured´s policy covers damage to third parties. The lessee hearby approves said policy and undertakes to observe the terms and conditions thereof.the leesee further to take all necessary steps to protect the interest of the lessor and its insurance company in case of accident during the term of this rental contract.


The insurance do not cover accidents due to alcohol or drugs influence. Any driver not holding a valid driving licence. CarhieGo is not responsible of road assistance costs or damages caused by negligence. Objects transported inside the vehicle are not covered.

Insurance is only valid during the rental period, once is finished you are not covered, only in case you have extended correctly by carhireGo. Damage to the vehicle resulting from driving uneven roads is on lessees account. CarhireGo declines all responsability for injuries to third parties or damage to the vehicle with the lessee may cause during the rental period  if the client has wilfully supplied carhireGo with false information as to his identity, address, driving licence…


In case of accident:

Renter agrees to immediately inform to carhireGo of any accident, theft or fire even partial and to give all the necessary information to the police. To include in the report the circumstances, date, place and time of the accident and all the necessary for the insurance company (vehicles involves, policys numbers…)


Is entirely at customers expense. The vehicle must be return with the same level of fuel, otherwise  the petrol difference will be charge. Likewise refund are  not made if there is more fuel an should be.


Normal mechanical wear is on the account of carhireGo . In case of car breakdown and the vehicle is repared  by a deferent mechanical workshop (always with the consent of carhirego ) will be necessary the reparation bills to get any refund if applicable.

11-Return of vehicle

Must be done at the place and time accorded. For any extention you must inform carhireGo 24 hours before. will be applied an additional cost of 18€ between  21:00 and 7:00. The renter can be delayed  only 2 hours of the acorded time (will be charged with an extra day after 2 hours according to the vehicle rate). Any change must be authorized by the company. The breach of this condition is faculty to carhireGo to take charge of the vehicle or require it judicially.

12-Groups ad models

Is only guaranteed the group type. The model is orientative,so on this way we can give you a car with similar or high conditions.

13-Applicable law

The present contract will be registered and interpreting according to the Spanish law and any question regarding the signing of this contract can be only submitted to the judge in Málaga.



The Customer is responsible for the payment of fines for traffic violations, illegal parking or other infractions which have occurred during the vehicle rental period and during the time said Customer has had the rental in their possession until the actual return of the vehicle. carhireGO will charge an amount of 30 euros (VAT included) for management and processing expenses as they are obliged to inform the relevant authorities and provide them with Customer and Rental Agreement data within the established statutory period. This fee does not include the payment of the fine.




Translations of these terms and conditions are offered for informational purposes only and the specific wording is not legally binding. Only the Spanish version is valid


15-Proteccion of Personal data:


In agreement with the provisions of Law 15/1999, dated December 13th, Protection of Personal Data, we inform you about the inclusion of your personal data in a file owned by carhireGO with the purpose of facilitating services related to the rental and/or sale of vehicles. Also, we inform you that carhireGO has adopted all necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of personal data and avoid its alteration, treatment or unauthorized access, and to take into consideration the state of the technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed, all in conformity with the provisions of Royal Decree 1720/2007, dated December 21st and approved by the Regulatory Decree regarding data protection. Additionally, we request permission to send you informative communications via mail / fax / email regarding the products and services offered by our company. Please note that your data will be transferred, by law, to Law Enforcement and Security Agencies of the State to prevent crime and ensure national security. The interested party may at any time exercise their rights of access, correction, deletion or dispute of their data by writing to the following address: carhireGO Calle Pirandello 20 29004 (Málaga),

16-Conditions Terms and Prices


Terms, Conditions and Prices are subject to possible changes without prior notice.

The Company reserves the right to modify any of the previous points if it considers it necessary to guarantee the safety of the vehicle.

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